Ziran is an Arlon and an Order of Mata Nui agent stationed on Huna Nui.


Ziran is a member of the Arlon race and lived a largely peaceful existance on his home island. According to him, after his home island was invaded by the Visorak, he and his race were able to find a cure for the venom in the form of a specially-made Kanohi mask.

After being recruited by the Order of Mata Nui, he was assigned to the island of Huna Nui, along with his partner Torbran, when the previous guardian was killed. After around five thousand years of secrecy, Ziran made himself known to the Toa Mata when he saved Lewa from the Visorak swarm. He sent the Toa out to collect the necessary ingredients for the mask and accompanied Onua after giving a mutated Lewa a crash course in Rhotuka flight. While helping Onua, he was paralyzed by a squad of Visorak and nearly eaten by a Takea. Only by overcoming his fear of drowning was Onua able to save him. With Ziran still unconscious, Onua and Torbran (who had just revealed himself to Onua) flew him back to his cave. After crafting the mask and curing Lewa, Ziran aided in defeating the Visorak swarm. After the swarm had been scattered, Ziran and Torbran disappeared back into the forest. It is assumed that they remained on Huna Nui and have since hidden themselves from the new Toa.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

As an Arlon, Ziran possesses a wide range of mental abilities, from telekinesis and mind control to simple telepathy and suggestion. He also wields a staff crafted from a Kanohi Volitak that he can activate as if it were a mask. He has also shown great proficiency in Kanohi crafting.

Ziran is a very friendly being and identifies strongly with the Air tribe, despite his white armor. But he also knows when to be serious and can be a force to be reckoned with.