Izumal Bio-Android Experiment XT-200



Prototype Biological Android


Lightning-based abilites


Lighting Sword




Izumal, BioMech

Xanatos, originally designated Izumal Bio-Android Experiment XT-200, is a robotic organism created by an Izumal scientist named Corpus along with his "brother", SB-129. After escaping Izumal during a small skirmish and being separated from his brother, Xanatos developed a malicious vision for the universe, in which he would achieve Corpus's dream of perfection by assimilating the population of Aethion into cybernetic mutants. By the Year 472, he had an army of "cybermutants" numbering almost one thousand.


XT-200, later Xanatos, was created by an Izumal scientist named Corpus in an attempt to create a sentient android with the brain capabilities of organic beings. He was created along wih his "brother", designated experiment SB-129, as prototypes for a "perfect" being.

However, when XT-200 and SB-129 were activated, Enlightened Agents attempted to take them for the Izumal Leadership. XT and SB fought back, succeeding in killing the Agents, but Xanatos "accidentally" killed Corpus in the skirmish. An Olmak Anomaly appeared in the laboratory, and XT beckoned for his brother to join him. SB shunned the other android, but was sucked into the anomaly seconds after XT.

The anomaly teleported XT to an unknown location, where he found himself surrounded by shells and pieces of robotic beings in an abandoned chamber. While examining the scraps, XT discovered the body of the disappeared Central scientist Koohre, as well as his damaged Aethion Portal device.

XT looked through the scientist's studies and recordings with awe, and soon recalled Corpus's dream of perfection. XT surmised that the only way to create a "perfect" being is to blend cybermechanics with organics, but controlled by a central organism, which XT called the BioMech. XT used Koohre's studies and the mechanical scraps to rebuild the Aethion Portal, allowing him to monitor and teleport to any place in Aethion, though with limited stability. He also created a central brain structure using the remaining life force of Koorhe as well as his electrical abilities, which was also connected to XT's own neural nets.

Now calling himself Xanatos, over the next two centuries, the android began to use the Portal to abduct select individuals in the Multiverse and use the robotic parts to create an army of cybernetic mutations, all controlled by the BioMech.

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