"When Memory Knocks" is the third story in Repicheep - Toa of Irony's series, Tales of the Nui-Matoran.

It can be read on BZPower, here.


The story begins with the Nui-Matoran Nixan collecting gemstones in a treacherous canyon. After filling his pack, he returns to his home in Umai where his roommate, a Vonatii named Krenshar, gives him a good scare. Later that day, two other Nui-Matoran, Kyueni and Taluu, find Nixan and attempt to persuade him to come with them. He grows angry at them for reminding him of all the things he has tried to forget and tells them there is no way he will come with them. The next day, the pair of females leave Umai and are attacked by the Skakdi Kreba. Kyueni uses her powers to call Nixan and Krenshar for help. Both show up, and together, they defeat Kreba. After learning of Kreba's unique circumstances, they turn him loose, and the five of them head off towards Aleris where Kyueni can sense other Nui-Matoran.