Veta Nui is an island just to the west of Zakaz and is featured in Repicheep - Toa of Irony's short story, "My Broken Valentine."


Veta Nui is a mostly wooded island with several large cliffs lining portions of the shore. It is home to six villages, with one tribe living in each.

Kleria's CliffEdit

Kleria's Cliff is located on the northeastern corner of Veta Nui. It was here that Toa Kleria met her untimely death. She is buried at the base of the cliff, which was named in her honor.



Veta Nui is home to six tribes of Matoran: Sonics, Earth, Iron, Water, Fire, and Air.


Veta Nui has at least one Turaga, a Turaga of Iron named Zeniic.


Veta Nui has had two known Toa teams, both calling themselves the Toa Veta .

The first helped Cedrak escape from Zakaz, and had six members: Norkan, Zeniic, and four others.

The second team befriended the Toa Tedra, and had six members as well: Kleria, Senthen, Dyer, Denzer, and as-yet-unnamed Toa of Sonics and Iron.