Uren is the a Turaga of Stone and the Turaga of Tedra Nui.


Not much is known about Uren's life as a Toa.

After fulfilling his destiny, he sacrificed his Toa power to create a new generation of Toa on Tedra Nui, including Onric, Koth, Lestra, Tivari, Rysavy, and an as-yet-unnamed Toa of Ice. He is the only Turaga on Tedra Nui and leads with an even hand. He was among the first to fully accept the Skakdi Cedrak as a member of the Toa Tedra, his Kanohi Suletu allowing him to see Cedrak's true intentions.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a Turaga of Stone, Uren possesses some power over stone, but to nowhere near the extent he did as a Toa. He also wears a Noble Kanohi Suletu and carries a small staff as a badge of office.


It was thanks to Uren that a good amount of conflict was averted when Cedrak came to Tedra Nui. Using his mask, he was able to determine that Lestra's state of mind was indeed normal and that Cedrak was completely sincere in his intents.