"Unnatural" is a short story written by Repicheep - Toa of Irony and is the first official installment in An Unnatural Series of Events. It details how Toa Lestra and the Skakdi Cedrak first met and how they became seperated.

It can be read on BZPower, here.


The story begins with Lestra running for her life from blood wolves. She gets surrounded by the creatures and tries to fight. One of them jumps her from behind and knocks her over. As the others move in, an arrow flies from the underbrush, slaying the wolf on top of her. A cloaked figure then leaps out and kills the others, with the help of a Brakas monkey. After the wolves are dead, Lestra asks to see the figure's face. He is hesitant at first, but concents. Lestra is at first suprised that he is a Skakdi, but is not frightened by his appearance.

That night, the pair make camp, and Cedrak tells Lestra about his past. The next morning, Cedrak goes to bath his wounds from a nearby stream. He is found by Lestra, who insists on treating his wounds properly. After applying a sauve to his wounds, she playfully rings out a cloth of water over his head. The pair then launch into a splash fight, until Lestra pushes him into the water.

The next night, as they set up camp, Lestra tells Cedrak about her search for her brothers, and Cedrak dreams of the time he and his friend Arina tried to escape from Zakaz the first time. He wakes up screaming, and Lestra tries to comfort him. The pair then kiss, wondering only for a moment if they should be.

The next morning, Onric and Koth find the pair asleep. Koth seperates them, while Onric tries to kill Cedrak. Lestra attempts to intervene but is stopped by Koth, who fears for her safety. Onric attacks Cedrak with his fire and Kanohi Matatu, finishing him off by driving his blade into the Skakdi's back. Moments after the three Toa have left the clearing, an invisible being emerges from the trees. He heals the Skakdi and leaves, claiming to have repayed his debt. As the sun is setting that night, Cedrak finally awakes, shouting Lestra's name.



This is the second instance of a running gag in Repicheep's works, the "face-clinging Brakas"