Umai is a village populated by roughly three hundred Vonatii and is featured in Repicheep - Toa of Irony's short story "When Memory Knocks."

General InformationEdit

Umai is built near the banks of Lake Istenek on the Northern Continent. Thanks to its proximity to a river, one ambitious Vonatii was able to create a river-powered running water system for the village. A nearby canyon provides the village with an ample supply of gems and precious metals, at least to those foolhardy enough to venture into its treacherous depths.

As is custom among Vonatii, the members of the village live two or three, sometimes more, to a home. This custom is designed to encourage friendship.


In addition to around three hundred Vonatii, Umai was home to the Nui-Matoran Nixan for a number of years, but since meeting the Nui-Matoran Kyueni and Taluu, he and his roomate Krenshar left for the city of Aleris.