Torbran is a Naxan and an Order of Mata Nui member stationed on Huna Nui.


Torbran is a Naxan and native to the island of Xana. After being recruited by the Order of Mata Nui, he and his partner Ziran were assigned to the island of Huna Nui.

When the Visorak swarm arrived on Huna Nui, he and Ziran made themselves known to the Toa Mata. Torbran instructed many of his Rahi friends to follow the Toa and help them, should the need arise, while he followed Onua and Ziran. When the pair came under attack by a squad of Vohtarak, he fought them off and cured Onua of his paralysis. With the help of a pair of Gukko, he helped Onua take the unconscious Ziran back to their cave. After Lewa was healed of his mutation, he and Ziran explained themselves to the Toa Mata and offered their help. Torbran set out over the island gathering hundreds of Rahi to help in the battle. He, however, had to stay away from the final battle, so as not to give himself away to the Toa that had just been freed from stasis. After the swarm had been scattered, he and Ziran disappeared. It is assumed they hid themselves, now that a new team of Toa had been selected for the island.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

As a Naxan, Torbran has the ability to communicate with Rahi, and his senses are particularly acute, especially his senses of smell and hearing. Upon joining the Order, he aquired specially designed armor that can change color to blend with the background. He also has razor sharp claws that can slice through solid stone and was trained as a healer on his home island.