The Immortal Matoran is the second story in Repicheep - Toa of Irony's series, Tales of the Nui-Matoran.

It can be read on BZPower, here.


Pereti, a Matoran of Magetism, is sitting in his Xian prison cell. His jailer, Treste, comes to take him to his execution and feels sympathy for the Matoran. After he is killed by an experimental acid launcher, she takes him back to his cell where his wounds heal exceptionally fast and he revives. Pereti remembers how he got there and how he was sure his former Makuta guardian bribed the Xian judge to sentence him to "death by experimentation," when a stone rat emerges from a hole in the wall. The rat appears friendly and takes a liking to Pereti when he offers it food. That afternoon, after Pereti is executed again, the stone rat reveals itself to be another Nui-Matoran named Ihar. The pair then plan to escape the next day. Convincing Treste to take the day off, the pair use their powers to break get past the guards when one opens their cell to take Pereti. The pair escape Xia and head south, towards the Northern Continent.



This story includes the third instance of a running gag in Repicheep's works, the "face-clinging Brakas."