The Chronicles of Huna Nui is a fan fiction series written by BZPower author Repicheep - Toa of Irony. It features the Toa Mata living on the island of Huna Nui and their adventures there. In this world, the Toa Mata were sent around the universe by Mata Nui to wherever he thought they would be of the most use. Also, the Visorak swarm existed in two incarnations, the one that attacked Metru Nui, and an earlier one, which was destroyed by the Toa Mata on Huna Nui.


The main story, The Scourge of the Visorak, details the Toa Mata defending Huna Nui from the Visorak swarm.

The series features two bonus short stories:

"Love and Logic," which features Toa Kopaka and his feelings as he falls in love with a Toa of Water named Atuuh.
"Reunited," which features Atuuh far in the future, waiting for Kopaka to return after the Great Cataclysm.

A second epic is apparently in the works. It will be entitled, Premonitions of the Past.


Below is a timeline that shows how the events in The Chronicles of Huna Nui line up with the events of canon Bionicle.

BGC = Before the Great Cataclysm

AGC = After the Great Cataclysm

AMR = After Makuta's Reign

3654 BGC

- Brotherhood creates Visorak swarm

3650 BGC

- Nyokah captured by Visorak

3567 BGC

- Nuarik captured by Visorak

3535 BGC

- Kryaco captured by Visorak

3522 BGC

- Sidorak takes control of Visorak swarm

3505 BGC

- Aquaton invade Huna Nui

3499 BGC

- Narthex captured by Visorak

3473 BGC

- Atuuh captured, home island quarantined

3443 BGC

- Ruzain captured by Visorak

2506 BGC

- Visorak invade Huna Nui

1306 BGC

- Sidorak takes control of newly reformed Visorak swarm

1300 BGC

- First strike by new swarm

c. 900 BGC

- Mata Nui returns Toa Mata to universe core

Year 0

- Great Cataclysm

- Toa Mata launched from core

1001 AGC

- Teridax takes over

90 AMR

- Kopaka, Lewa return to Huna Nui

- Their memories of the island are reawakened.