Tedra Nui is an island that lies to the west of the Northern Continent. It is featured in Repicheep - Toa of Irony's series An Unnatural Series of Events.


Tedra Nui is one of the many islands created by the Great Beings that were later colonized by Matoran, but other than this, very little is known about the island's history. It once hosted a team of six Toa, but over the years, the members have slowly left the island for one reason or another.


Tedra Nui is a mostly wooded island with a dormant volcano rising from the island's center. The entire Matoran population lives in one village, Tedra-Koro, that lies on the large bay that dominates the southern portion of the island.



Tedra Nui is home to five tribes of Matoran: Fire, Air, Gravity, Lightning, and Stone.


Tedra Nui currently has only one Turaga, a Stone Turaga named Uren.


The Toa Tedra make this island their home. Once consisting of Onric, Lestra, Koth, Tivari, and two as yet unnamed Toa of Ice and Air, the Toa slowly left the island one by one, until only Tivari remained. Onric, Koth, and Lestra have since returned.


The Skakdi Cedrak also now makes Tedra Nui his home, his becoming Vhalentain with Toa Lestra finalizing that decision.