Taluu is a Nui-Matoran and a character in Repicheep - Toa of Irony's Tales of the Nui-Matoran.


Taluu was one of many Matoran kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Makuta for their Nui-Matoran project. After being put through a number of experiments, Taluu emerged as one of roughly twenty surviving Matoran who were brainwashed and sent to be cared for and trained by various Makuta. In the wake of a Nui-Matoran killing his guardian, a message was sent for all the Nui-Matoran to be put to death. When she was attacked, Taluu's mental restraints were broken, and she managed to use his powers to escape.

Taluu managed to find her way to a costal village where she settled, hoping the was far enough away that the Brotherhood would not follow her. Shortly thereafter, Kyueni arrived and, after detecting Taluu with her powers, introduced herself. The two became fast friends and lived in the village for several years, until the Brotherhood found them. The pair fled from the village, using their powers to mask their escape. After seeing what their presense had done to those who had taken them in, Kyueni decided that they must find as many other surviving Nui-Matoran as possible and band together. Taluu decided to go along with her, not wanting to be left alone.

The pair eventually made their way to the village of Umai where they found Nixan. They tried to convince him to join them, but, upon failing to do so, decided to continue on. After leaving the village, the pair were ambushed by the Skakdi Kreba, and Kyueni sent out a psychic cry for help to Nixan and his friend Krenshar. The two of them soon arrived, and together, the four defeated Kreba. After a bit of deliberation, the four agreed to let Kreba accompany them. The band of five then began their journey to Aleris.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Taluu has the ability to cast holographic illusions and reproduce any sound she has ever heard. She has been seen using them to recreate her village inside Nixan's house, as well as cast them to confuse her enemies. She can also use her abilites to turn bend light around her, effectively turning invisible.


Taluu is very timid and shy. She does not speak unless she has something important to say or she is amongst those she trusts. She considers Kyueni her best friend, but sometimes has to remind her friend to loosen up and not obsess over their quest.