(This page relates to the works of Repicheep - Toa of Irony and is a fan name given to a canon species.)

Steltian gladiators are a species native to the island of Stelt.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

Steltian gladiators are one of three species native to Stelt. They are large beings with great natural strength and razor sharp claws. They possess four arms, the two larger ones are used for fighting, while their pair of smaller arms are usually reserved for more mundane purposes.

History and CultureEdit

Steltian gladiators, as their name suggests, are relegated to putting on matches for the entertainment of others. They are the lowest on the caste structure of Stelt and cannot leave their position as a fighter as long as they stay on the island. Despite their seemingly bleak prospects, gladiators are generally taken very good care of by their employers; after all, a dead gladiator does not attract crowds. In fact, crowd favorites often enjoy a very comfortable life, comparable to their elite masters.

Notable Steltian gladiatorsEdit


  • Gladiator

Other Steltian speciesEdit