Reunited is a short story written by Repicheep - Toa of Irony, known here as Repicheep22, and is part of The Chronicles of Huna Nui.

It takes place in the future of Repicheep's story universe, several decades after the Reign of Darkness and Makuta's defeat by Mata Nui.

It can be read on BZPower, here.


The story begins with Toa Atuuh rereading the last letter Kopaka, her lover, sent her before she stopped hearing from him. She has waited for him for 1,070 years, and it is the anniversary of the day the letter came, making her heartache more poingant than usual. Turaga Nerah arrives to inform her that a ship is approaching the Ga-Huna trading post, and her presence is needed.

After replacing the letter in its glass case, she ventures out to the outpost and meets with a white and gold armored Toa as he comes off the ship. He explains that he and his companions are from Metru Nui, heading for Artakha and are looking for a place to rest for the night and resupply. After being ensured by Atuuh that there is room for them, he returns to the ship to speak with his brothers. Later that night, the ship's passengers enter the inn. It turns out to be Takanuva, Lewa, and Kopaka, along with a few Matoran. Atuuh manages to catch Kopaka's eye, but he does not remember her.

That night, Atuuh runs into Kopaka, both of them unable to sleep. She attempts to reawaken his memories, but is unsuccessful. He leaves, apologizing for not being who she remembered, and she returns to her room in the inn in tears. After crying herself to sleep, she is awakened by someone else entering her room. She recognizes Kopaka who kisses her, then explains that he dreamed of the day they met. She then silences his attempts to apologize with another kiss.



  • Kopaka
  • Takanuva
  • Lewa

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