Oriles is a Makuta and is in charge of Tedra Nui and several surrounding islands.


Currently, very little is known about Oriles's past. When Makuta Zerrek went rouge and left the Brotherhood, Oriles was sent to take his place. Since his placement, he has had several run-ins with Toa Tivari, and the pair share an enmity to each other.

Just days after Toa Lestra and her brothers returned to Tedra Nui, he attacked Tedra-Koro, agreeing to leave in exchange for Lestra. When the Toa declined, he sent his robots in with increased force. After making little headway against them, he recalled his robots and commanded them to tranform and combine into a gigantic robot, which he then inhabited. It was only through the intervention of the Skakdi Cedrak that he was defeated and driven off the island.

Several years later, shortly after the final battle of the Menirun civil war, the leader of the Menirun Resistance, Yasec, met with with Makuta, giving him the Crystal of Catastrophe that the resistance had stolen from King Yuniro as well as information he had gathered on the Toa Tedra. In return, Oriles guarenteed that Yasec would become the next Menirun king. Based on this, as well as a number of other thing said by the Makuta, it would seem that the Toa Tedra joining the Menirun civil war was engineered by the Makuta to gain the Terranic Crystal of Catastrophe.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Oriles has shown great propensity in the construction of robots, having created nearly perfect robotic replications of various Rahi, which were also able to transform and combine into a gigantic robot for him to inhabit.

As a Makuta, he has the ability to inhabit spiritless and robotic bodies. It can also be assumed that he has all 42 Rahkshi powers, but considering that he did not use any of them in his battle with the Toa Tedra, this may or may not be true.