Nerah is the Turaga of Water on Huna Nui.



Not much is known about Nerah and her team prior to their transformation into Turaga. It is known that as Toa, they functioned as heroes for hire, not truely having a home island before coming to Huna Nui. At some point in the past, they fought the Visorak swarm. It is unknown if they won that struggle or not.


Nerah and her team fulfilled their destiny on Huna Nui and gave up their power, becoming the island's Turaga. They have been lauded as some of the wisest Turaga the island has seen in a long time. They also pride themselves with being very open with their Matoran, though that is not to say that they tell them everything.

Nerah now lives in Ga-Huna, amongst the Ga-Matoran of Huna Nui and is very close to hier charges.

Traits and AbilitiesEdit

Nerah wears a Noble Kanohi Kualsi. The mask has a much shorter range than its Great conterpart and still requires line of sight to its destination. Nerah is prone to overuse her mask, prefering to teleport rather than walk. This a quirk she developed during her days as a Toa.

Nerah also wields a small staff of some kind, as a badge of office.


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