(This is a fan-created species, created by Repicheep - Toa of Irony)

Naxan are a race of being that inhabit the Matoran Universe.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

Naxan are a species that one could easily mistake for Rahi. When stretched to full height, most Naxan stand about a head taller than an average Toa, though their normal posture puts them in a more stooped position. With body and facial structure reminscent of a wolf, they have long arms, strong legs, and razor sharp claws. When they run, they use all four of their limbs, their tails acting to balance their gait.

Naxan have incredibly acute senses, particularly strong are their sense of hearing and smell. They also have the ability to speak to Rahi, a talent they put to good use.

History and CultureEdit

The Naxan are native to the island of Xana and have built their society around the natural world, as opposed to replacing it. They treat the Rahi of their island as equals and are entirely vegetarian in their diets. Naxan are also known to be great healers, having an extensive knowledge of natural remedies.

The island is known for its peaceful existance, not having seen a major conflict since the fall of the League of Six Kingdoms. The Naxan society also has a large number of customs that many outsiders can find overbearing.

Notable NaxanEdit