Narthex is a Toa of Sonics and is currently one of the Toa of Huna Nui.


Narthex left his home island at the behest of Toa Antroz and aided in the Aquaton War on Huna Nui. Narthex had been a Toa for hardly a year when he was called upon. His first battle fried his nerves and reduced him to tears. Toa Lewa ran across him and took him under his wing. It was under Lewa's tutelage that Narthex discovered that he could most easily channel his elemental power through his vocal cords. After the war, he returned to his home island.

Not long after his return, he was captured by the Visorak, though not on his home island, and mutated. Sidorak then kept him as a trophy, suspended in stasis. When the Visorak arrived on Huna Nui, Narthex and Sidorak's other trophies were freed and cured by Lewa, wearing a specialized anti-poison mask. Narthex then aided the Toa Mata in defeating the swarm and was subsequently picked by Mata Nui to be among those to guard Huna Nui after the Toa Mata left. As of now, his team has yet to pick a name, though it is unlikely that they will choose the title "Toa Huna," as none of them are native to Huna Nui.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Narthex commands the elemental power of sonics and wears a Great Kanohi Elda. He wields no weapon, prefering to channel his power through his vocal cords.

His mask also has specially designed dampeners over his ears that counter both his power and his sensitive hearing. The dampeners can be turned on and off, if the need should arise for him to use his sensitive hearing.



The word "narthex" refers to the entrance rooms in cathedrals. Repicheep picked the name for him, because Narthex would typically be put on guard duty on most of his assignments (being the first thing seen) and because he though it sounded cool.

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