My Broken Valentine" is a short story written by Repicheep - Toa of Irony as a Valentine's Day special and as a part of An Unnatural Series of Events. It is written as a series of flashbacks detailing the relationship between Toa Onric and Toa Kleria.

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The story opens with Onric kneeling in a rain storm, holding Kleria and crying.

He first remembers Koth bursting into his home with the message that the Toa Veta are in trouble. A Skakdi raiding party had landed on Veta Nui. All the Toa Tedra then rushed to Tivari's airship as he mentally wishes Kleria to be safe.

He then remembers when he first met Kleria. The two had coincidentally been trailing the safe thief that had stolen the Sword of Heroes from Tedra Nui and Kleria's silver shield. After trailing the thief to Aleris, the two captured him and handed him over to the local authorities. They then found out that their home islands are near each other and agreed to come and help if the other's island is in trouble.

Onric, upon seeing where he is, then remembers the day he asked Kleria to be his Vhalentain. The pair snuck off from their teams, who are playing Akilini, and into the woods. As they watched the sunset, Onric gave Kleria a ring and asked her to be his Vhalentain. When she said yes, the other Toa emerged from the woods and congradulated them, having been there the whole time.

Onric then remembers the moment when they arrrived that day. After arriving, the Toa Tedra found the Matoran of one of the villages huddled in their Battle Shelter, hiding from the Skakdi raiders. After speaking with Turaga Zeniic, they ventured off to help their friends. Koth scouted ahead and rushed back when he found the Toa Veta battling thirty Skakdi with their backs to a precipice. As they arrived, Onric could only watch as Kleria fell from her perch. He then plowed through the crowd and climbed down the cliff.

As he now watches Kleria die, he feels his anger growing. After her heartlight goes out, he scales back up the cliff and proceeds to kill all thirty of the Skakdi invaders.

Three days later, as Kleria is buried, Onric makes a solemn vow to avenge her and make the Skakdi pay.



This is the first place the term "Vhalentain" is used in Repicheep's writings.