The Menirun Republic is a nation feature in the work of Repicheep - Toa of Irony.


The Menirun Republic was founded when a number of Menirun cities and villages decided to band together under one flag, for protection and trade purposes. Over the millenia, the vast majority of the Menirun species has come under the Republic's banner. In the republic, every large city and its surrounding villages elect a senator to represent them in the capital city of Diagirr, who in turn elect a king to lead the nation. Terms of office last fifty years at a time, though some popular kings have been reelected often enough that their term in office has lasted almost a millenium.

During the reign of King Yuniro, a civil war broke out in the nation, caused by the king's desire to expand his kingdom to neighboring regions. The Menirun Resistance sprang up in an attempt to foil his attempts to contruct a conquering military. With the help of the Toa Tedra and one of the Crystals of Catastrophe, the resistance was able to cripple Yuniro's war efforts and kill the king in the process.


The vast majority of the Republic, being on the Northern Continent, is covered in either dense forest or grassy plains. As it approached the Northern Mountains, the landscape becames more hilly and rocky, and flatter as it approaches the coast.


The majority of the Republic's permanent residence are Menirun. Smaller villages are almost entirely Menirun, while larger cities may have a large minority of Matoran and other species.


Known cities in the Menirun Republic are: