(This page relates to the works of Repicheep - Toa of Irony and is a fan name given to a canon species.)

The Menirun are a race of beings that inhabit the Matoran universe.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

Menirun are a race of beings native to the northwestern portion of the Northern Continent. They are largly Toa-like in shape and size, except for their ridged heads, large slanted eyes, and lack of Kanohi. All Menirun have almost photographic memories, super quick reflexes, and incredible hand-eye coordination, and any Menirun can learn to combine these traits to gain photgraphic reflexes. Some discover it as a natural gift, but most who gain this status do so through years of training. Menirun have an innate immunity to Vorzhic venom, and the majority have a very distinct speech impediment, their native language having neither the "z" sound or the "th" sound.

History and CultureEdit

The vast majority of the Menirun population live within the bounds of the Menirun Republic, in which every major city, and its surrounding villages, elect a senator to represent them in the capital city of Diagirr. The senators in turn elect a king to lead the nation, with terms lasting fifty years at a time, though some popular kings have been reelected often enough that their term in office has lasted almost a millenium.

During the reign of King Yuniro, a civil war broke out in the nation, caused by the king's desire to expand his kingdom to neighboring regions. The Menirun Resistance sprung in an attempt to foil his attempts to contruct a conquering military. With the help of the Toa Tedra and one of the Crystals of Catastrophe, the resistance was able to cripple Yuniro's war efforts and kill the king in the process.

With regards to weaponry, Menirun specialize in long-range projectiles. Many of them make use of their natural immunity to Vorzhic venom and wield venom lauchers that fire globs of the substance. These incapacitate their enemies, allowing them to move in for the kill.

Notable MenirunEdit


  • The Menirun's accent was intended to be reminscent of real world Caribbean and African accents.