"Love and Logic" is a short story in The Chronicles of Huna Nui and is a prequel to the epic The Scourge of the Visorak.

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Kopaka lies awake, unable to sleep, reminiscing over the past few weeks of defending Huna Nui from an invading army. He is trying to piece together why he has been acting strange around one of his fellow soldiers, a Water Toa named Atuuh. After trying to sort out his actions, he realizes that he is in love with her. Unsettled by this development, he goes outside, only to find Atuuh out there as well. After a bit, Kopaka tells her how he feels and finds she feels the same way. The two kiss and profess their love for each other, but a few days later, Atuuh has to return to her home. Kopaka is on the verge of tears, when Lewa gives him a pendant that Atuuh had made for Kopaka. This gives him hope that they will see each other again.


Canon CharactersEdit

  • Kopaka
  • Antroz
  • Lewa

Fan CharactesEdit