Kerya Nui is a Fictional Island created by Kini Hawkey to serve as the main setting in his first epic, To Be a Lord, which focused on the events of a Makuta Invasion of the island

Kerya Nui


Matoran Universe


Estimated 5000

Ruling Caste:

The Sarento (Sah-ren-toh)

before it was cancelled.


The Islands history can be roughly interpreted by using a timeline of before, and After, the Great Cataclysm.

500 000 BGC: Kerya Nui is settled by Matoran, after being used as a Forge of sorts for the Great Beings, supplying the world with necessary materials.

300 000 BGC: Mask of Shadows is Forged, and hidden deep within the island itself.

250 000 BGC: Teridax learns of the mask of shadows, though neglects to tell Miserix, instead biding his time.

200 000 BGC: Miserix is informed of the Krahkaan, and promptly sends Teridax to assault the island. it is at this time, that the second generation of the Toa Kerya are formed, and the events of To Be a Lord ensue.

It is unknown if Kerya Nui survived past the Great Cataclysm, as many Islands were destoyed. It most certainly was destroyed after the battle on Bara Magna.


Many Different Characters appeared in the Epic, however, some were not actually described often. Only the ones that were essential for the Epic will be described.


Arrik Vadum: Creator, and De-facto leader, of the Sarento. Kerya Nui's Chief, and until 200 000 BGC, only Toa.

Nutaro Uriikan: Uncoverer of the Krahkaan, and savior of the Island. Nutaro became a toa shortly after the invasion began.

Kini Hawkeye: Turaga of Kerya Nui. Died during the first assault.


The Sarento: A group of highly skilled warrior matoran, that served as the only defence for Kerya Nui. Were evenly matched against the Brotherhood, but only won after being forced into the Mountain-top, Varkshaid Keep.


  • The Epic was written by Kini Hawkeye, the first story he wrote for BZP, and was actually the reason he joined. At the time of joining, he named himself Arrik Vadum. After a few days, Kini Hawkeye, he decided, was cooler, hence the current name. However, Arrik remains Kini's Favourite character.