Jagrin is an Arlon who lives in the city of Zeriger.


As an Arlon, he is originally from the same island as all others of his species.

He now lives in a run-down portion of Zeriger where he lends his services to anyone who can pay his price, namely, tell him something he does not know. When Cedrak and his friends came for help, Jagrin found the idea of a Toa and Skakdi in love to be rather humerous, rather than atrocious, as most beings would find such a union. After receiving his payment from Cedrak (and liking the information immensly), he was able to manipulate a stress-free ride to Tedra Nui that was incredibly easy to procure.


Jagrin has the personality similar to crazed old man. Finding humor in the strangest things, he has a reputation of being semi-insane. However, beneath his eccentric exterior, he has a very calm, calculating mind, a necessity when he tries to manipulate the future.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like all Arlon, Jagrin possesses all forms of mental manipulation, ranging from telepathy to total mind control. However, he is one of the few who can control his abilities and the minds of others to such an extent that he can, effectively, change the future