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Colored Gali(The New Age)

Gali in The New Age

Gali returns as one of the main protagonists in the epic The New Age written by BZP member rawr.

Before the SealingEdit

Gali was on of the Toa Mata were created on Artakha. They were then sent to Daxia, where they were awakened, introduced to each other and trained by Hydraxon.

They were then sent in Toa Canisters to the island of Mata Nui, but when they arrived they could not remember anything. They used their Toa powers to collect all of the Kanohi and defeat infected Rahi, Bohrok and the Bahrag queens before being submerged in Energised Protodermis and becoming Toa Nuva.

As Toa Nuva, Gali and her team fought Bohrok Kal and Rahkshi and aided the Toa of Light, Takanuva, in defeating Makuta Teridax.

After moving to Metru Nui, Turaga Dume sent Gali and her team off to Voya Nui to search for the Mask of Life. However, they were soon defeated by the Piraka. They were then saved by the Voya Nui resistance team and fled the island.

The Toa Nuva then prepared for Mata Nui's awakening and received special Adaptive Armour from Artakha before being teleported to Karda Nui.

After the Toa Mahri used the Mask of Life to return Mata Nui to life, Gali and her team went to the Codrex inside Karda Nui and revived the Matoran Universe, completing Teridax's plan.

On Bara Magna, Gali aided in the battle against the Rahkshi and Skakdi whilst helping Tahu recover the Golden Armour.

After Makuta and Mata Nui died and Tren Krom took over the Matoran Universe, Gali, along with all other Toa and Matoran returned to Metru Nui. When Tren Krom sent all of the Toa on the mission to clean the universe, Gali was one of the 7 Toa to stay in Metru Nui.