Enguus is a Steltian elite and a character in Repicheep - Toa of Irony's An Unnatural Series of Events.


Enguus is originally from the island of Stelt. He is a seafaring merchant who owns the ship, the Silver Gate.

Enguus appears to have been involved in some sort of conflict in the past, as he walks with a slight limp and one of his eyes is damaged.

Enguus was loading his ship in Zeriger, preparing to leave, when Cedrak and his friends approached him about buying passage to Tedra Nui. Enguus was initially hesitant, but after Redizic offered him an Alerisian sun crystal, he agreed.

After delivering Cedrak, Trell, Zorkek, and Redizic to Tedra Nui, Enguus set about heading for Metru Nui. After backtracking back to the continent, he happened to run into the Matoran and Redizic as they headed back to Zeriger. He then offered them positions on his ship. The Matoran declined, but Redizic took the job of first-mate.


Enguus is a sociable individual, very friendly and outgoing. He is, however, very careful about how he carries himself. He purposely lets himself be seen as a poor merchant, so that no one will think to take the wealth he does indeed have. His ship is a prime example of this, being a marvel of engineering, yet having an exterior made to look like an old, damaged sloop.