Elkana is an Aviena and was viceroy of the first Visorak swarm, under Sidorak.


Not much is known about Elkana before his employment by the Brotherhood, or what he did before becoming the viceroy of the Visorak. During the attack on Huna Nui, he proved himself very loyal to Sidorak and was able to take down five of the Toa Mata in rapid succession, though this was after they had been weakened by fighting the swarm. Even after his defeat, he still acted defiant to the Toa.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

As an Aviena, Elkana has a pair of large wings sprouting from his back, which he uses to steer himself while in flight, his natural ability to fly coming from decreasing his own gravity. He also has the ability to fire lightning bolts from his body, a power given to him by the Brotherhood, and carries a pair of short staffs, one capable of firing energy nets and the other, Kanoka disks.