Devichon is a character featured in the works of Repicheep - Toa of Irony.


Devichon is a red-armored Aquaton and captains a merchant ship. During his time on the open sea, he has visited many places around the world, including Xarnas, Zora Nui, and Tedra Nui. He is a good natured individual and was willing to take in the Naxan Nianga, becoming almost a father figure to her.

At one point, Devichon was hired by Toa Tsonclad and Taiyu to take them and their Shivri embassy charges to Xarnas and return the Toa to the continent. During their return trip, their ship struck a reef, causing them to stop for repairs in Tedra Nui. When Cedrak and Taiyu were kidnapped, he allowed Nianga and Tsonclad to join the Toa Tedra in bringing them back, wishing them luck on their mission. By the time the Toa had returned, Devichon and his crew had gone on. He hopes to visit the island again, as well as see the Ice Toa and Nianga, as they had become good friends while on the open sea.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As an Aquaton, Devichon has the ability to breath underwater. He is also quite strong and limber, and can swim at great speeds.