(This page relates to the works of Repicheep - Toa of Irony and is a fan name given to a canon species.)

Aviena are a race of beings that inhabit the Matoran universe.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

Aviena are tall, graceful looking beings with a pair of large wings springing from their shoulders. Their heads resemble that of a bird's, ending in a slender, curved beak. Contrary to popular belief, their wings do not allow them to fly. Rather, it is an energy-based power that primarily involves decreasing their own gravity, with their wings being used primarily for steering and gliding. Their wings are, however, powerful enough to be used as weapons in their own right. Though individual flight strength may vary, many Aviena can fly with the weight of another being their size for a good distance, or something much larger for a short distance. Their armor color comes in many colors, though their wings are almost always silver.

History and cultureEdit

The Aviena are native to a mountainous region of the Southern Continent near the Intonu Sea. The entire region is covered in jagged mountains, ridges, and cliffs. Their villagers are built high in the sky, spanning valleys, extending from precipices, and dropping down sheer cliffs. Their capital city, however, floats. The city of Eivus hovers high in the sky, held aloft by countless levitation disks, and flies around their nation. The Aviena have been described as a nation of architects. Their cities and villages often baffle visitors to their realm, as they often appear as though they are about to topple from the sky at any moment.

Honesty and thoroughness are held in high regard by the Aviena, as a single mistake in a structure could result in death. Urban legend says that Aviena cannot lie. This is untrue, but the vast majority of the species see no point in telling untruths.

Notable AvienaEdit

  • Airwatcher
    • Once a welcome member of his species, he joined the Dark Hunters at some point. His hideous appearance was cased by an accident with his own acid staff. When he was found, nothing was left of him but a mangled mess. After being repaired and healed by the Dark Hunters, it was found that his brain had also been irreparably damaged by the ordeal.
  • Elkana