Atuuh is a Toa of Water and is currently one of the Toa of Huna Nui.


Atuuh left her home island at the behest of Makuta Antroz to aid in the Aquaton War on Huna Nui. It was here that she met the Toa Mata and fell in love with Toa Kopaka. The night before she was to return to her home, the pair confessed their love for each other and, over the years, kept in touch by writing letter to each other and visiting from time to time.

She was at some point mutated by the Visorak swarm and kept by Sidorak as a trophy. Her island was then quarentined by the Brotherhood. Whether this means anything significant is yet to be determined. When the Visorak arrived on Huna Nui, Toa Lewa freed her from her stasis tube and cured her, and Atuuh aided in the defeat of the swarm, after a brief, tearful reunion with Kopaka. She is now one of the Toa selected by Mata Nui to guard Huna Nui. As of now, her team has yet to pick a name, though it is unlikely that they will choose the title "Toa Huna," as none of them are native to Huna Nui.

At some point in the future, she will be the Toa who greets the visiting Toa from Metru Nui. She will try to awaken Kopaka's memories of her, without any apparent success. Her advances, however, will cause Kopaka to dream of the day they met and the night they confessed to each other, and their relationship will be rekindled.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Atuuh wields the elemental power of water and wears a Kanohi Kakama. She has displayed some skill in using her element for healing purposes and is prone to suddenly appearing and disappearing, courtesy of her mask.

Atuuh wields her Tidal Trident to channel her elemental powers.


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