(This page relates to the works of Repicheep - Toa of Irony and is a fan name given to a canon species.)

Aquaton are an amphibious race that inhabit the oceans of the Matoran Universe.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

Aquaton are, by and large, thin, lanky creatures. They have vaguely reptilian heads and long limber tails. They are able to breathe both air and water and are powerful swimmers. Due to living in water, most Aquaton are rather strong while on land, despite their size. The majority are also quite limber and agile, making them more difficult to capture. Their armor comes in many colors, though most Aquaton's armor is some shade of blue, green, black, or brown.

History and CultureEdit

Aquaton are known for their strong sense of clan and collective destiny, and quite often, the benefit of the clan is put before the benefit of the individual. Aquaton live in cities that are built beneath the waves and treat the ocean floor in much the same way most species treat the land they live on. Aquaton will occasionally visit the surface for trading purposes, though amongst surface dwellers, they are have a reputation of being a race of thugs. This is because the vast majority of Aquaton who come to the surface were the criminals and outcasts of their cities.

Each Aquaton city is ruled by a king, who usually has a great amount of control over his subjects. At least one Aquaton king has attempted to expand his territory into the surface world, namely by attacking Huna Nui. He was eventually repulsed from the island and executed for attacking an neighboring region unprovoked.

Notable AquatonEdit


  • Amphibax
    • Amphibax was among the Aquaton who invaded Huna Nui. After betraying his clan to the island's defending Toa, he was briefly sheltered by the island's inhabitants. He later left and found his way into the ranks of the Dark Hunters.