An Unnatural Series of Events is a fan fiction series written by BZPower author Repicheep - Toa of Irony. It centers around a team of Toa that has been seperated as they find each other and return to their home. To add to their troubles, one of their number has fallen in love with a Skakdi.


The series features two epics and four short stories.

"Unnatural" features Toa Lestra and the Skakdi Cedrak as they meet in the woods and grow to love each other.
An Unnatural Journey features Lestra returning to Tedra Nui with her brothers under the impression that Cedrak is dead.
An Unnatural Naming Day features the Toa Tedra and some new friends as they are sucked into a civil war raging on the continent.
"My Broken Valentine" looks into the past and explains Toa Onric's hatred for Skakdi.
"A Righteous Skakdi" shows Cedrak as he escapes from Zakaz.
"A Game of Chehs" features the Matoran Trell and Zorkek as they play a Bionicle version of chess.


Below is a timeline showing how the events in An Unnatural Series of Events match up with the events in canon Bionicle.

BGC = Before the Great Cataclysm

c. 70,000 BGC

- Spiriah experiments on the inhabitants of Zakaz

- Cedrak flees to Veta Nui

c. 69,000 BGC

- Cedrak is captured by warlord Thanagar's army

- Toa Veta rescue Cedrak

c. 15,000 BGC

- Cedrak rescues Unremitting Truth from Kanohi Dragon

3513 BGC

- Onric and Kleria meet

3506 BGC

- Kleria dies at the hands of invading Skakdi

3505 BGC

- Koth and Onric leave Tedra Nui to help in Aquaton War on Huna Nui

- Koth and Onric disappear.

3455 BGC

- Cedrak meets Lestra

- Koth and Onric find Lestra and return to Tedra Nui

- Cedrak joins Toa Tedra