"A Righteous Skakdi" was the first story written in An Unnatural Series of Events, but is not part of the series proper. It features the Skakdi Cedrak as he flees from Zakaz.

It can be read on BZPower, here.


Cedrak is running through Zakaz from a pursuing group of Skakdi. He briefly pauses to heal an injured Brakas monkey, but that gives another Skakdi the opportunity to catch him. Just as he is attempting to kill Cedrak, the monkey latches onto the other Skakdi's face. After defeating the Skakdi, Cedrak takes the monkey and runs for the coast. When he arrives, a group of Toa are waiting for him. He gets in their boat, and they make for open water. Once they arrive at the Toa's main ship, Cedrak goes to speak to the captain who gives him a warm welcome.



  • An early version of this story had the ship's Toa as a roving band of freedom fighters.
  • This is the first instance of a running gag in Repicheep's works, the "face-clinging Brakas."