"A Game of Chehs" was written by Repicheep - Toa of Irony. It was initially a stand alone story, but was later incorperated into An Unnatural Series of Events when the author used the story's characters in An Unnatural Journey.

It can be read on BZPower, here.


The Matoran Trell and Zorkek are playing a game similar to chess, called chehs. Trell is teaching his friend how to play the game and has won two games already. As the current game draws to a close, Zorkek appears to be losing again. He then sees something Trell has missed, moves one of his pieces, and declares "Chehkmate," winning the game.


Each piece mentioned has a direct correlation to a real chess piece.

  • Turaga = King
  • Makuta = Queen
  • Vortixx = Bishop
  • Steltian bruiser = Rook
  • Toa = Knight
  • Matoran = Pawn